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Cleaner, healthier, ionized water for a healthy family

Improve your faucet head and quality of water completely with the exclusive Gemmove Multi-ionizer, a new ionization tool that ionizes water through the use of terahertz rocks. Gemmove Multi-Ionizer is designed to improve the quality of your water supply, making it softer, cleaner and healthier.

  • You can install it yourself, it does not require replacement of any modules, has no service life (it will serve you forever!).
  • Perfectly purifies water and enriches it with H3O-hydrogen water.
  • Water becomes suitable for drinking and cooking without additional filtration and boiling.
  • Very stylish design and quality material.

Use it for:

  • Washing dishes without detergents or using less. Even if detergents are used freshness remains.
  • Ionized water can be used to wash berries, fruits, vegetables, greens - kills pesticides. Soak vegetables and fruits for 10 minutes in ionized water before eating and cooking to remove oil-based poisonous chemicals.
  • Growing plants: Worms don't come crawling and food plants grow well. Lagging flowers bloom back to live and trees quickly plant roots.

Order Now and Let the Healthful Benefits flow.

Note: May not fit all the faucets. If it doesn't fit your current faucet, you may replace your faucet or attach the ionizer to the water hose under the sink.

If you use dishwasher frequently, you may install the Multi-Ionizer to your dishwasher too. You might need an expert to help you!

Gemmove Multi-Ionizer for Sink Faucet

SKU: 364215375135191
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  • "I can't believe I can actually wash my oily dishes without soap. Now it's possible with this ionizer and I never have to replace anything anymore." ~ Oko Choi, stay at home mom, VA

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