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Clean, nurture and heal your skin the ionized way

Don't fight dry skin or skin irritation alone! Let your water work wonders for you!

Gemmove Multi-Ionizer for your Shower Head is a breakthrough, scientific tool that you install in your shower head and from that point on, enjoy marvelous ionized water that is a natural and nurturing way to heal damaged skin.

Harmful negative ions present in shower and tap water are transformed through the use of Black Jade magnetic gemstone and terahertz rocks. A decade ago, Japanese scientists discovered that vibration from terahertz stone corresponds to frequencies found in our body. This is often referred to as “The Radiation of Life.” Scientists credit it with improving energy flow.

Now, with science and nature combined, shower time can be moisturizing time using the Multi-Ionizer Shower Head. The unique technology that is made of magnets inside the Gemmove Multi-Ionizer transforms the regular distilled water into Ionized water to give your skin the healing and nurturing it needs. No body wash is required and can reduce shampoo use dramatically.

The amazing Ionizer is innovative, healthful, economical, convenient to use and can save you money with use of less water. No need to replace the cartridge. Easy to install and remove.

Recommended for someone with:

  • Dry skin and tight skin feel after using too much soap
  • Oily skin
  • Skin problem
    Scalp problems
  • Gum disease
  • Pets with skin disease
  • Washing the entire bathroom without using much detergent.

Shower yourself, your family and your household with one of the most innovative and health-promoting products found on the market today. Order now!

Gemmove Multi-Ionizer for Shower

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  • "The shower head is fantastic. It feels great, the flow is very nice, and looks great. I am very happy with my purchase!" ~ Haig Himidian, Personal Injury Lawyer, IL. 

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