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Queen Multi Essence "Spray-type Botox" - 120ml

The age-defying benefits of Botox without risk of injection

We’ve all heard about the legendary benefits of Botox and the ability of Botox injections to remove stubborn facial lines, wrinkles on your forehead and generally take years off your appearance. Unfortunately, injections are expensive and they carry risk. Dermatologists say most of the risk is in association with the injection so what if some brilliant product developer in Korea ( Gemmove) for example, decided to do away with injections entirely and make the essence of Botox beautifying benefits in gentle, benevolent spray form?

Queen Multi Essence “Spray Type Botox with intensive moisturizing essence to make your skin smooth and elastic peptide complex and rich moisturizing ingredients to keep skin, soft, smooth, supple and youthful

Put the sharp, hurtful needles away. Queen Multi Essence Spray will save the day—safely, painlessly, perfectly. And look at the price? A fraction of what a Botox treatment would cost if you went to a rejuvenating spa. Keep the money and inject it directly into your wallet.

Our transformational product is recommended for everyone at home who requires skin care, including women men, young adults and don’t forget the elderly.

Spray Away at the Start of the Day

After you wash your face and neck in the morning, spray an abundance of spray your Queen Multi-Essence Botox Spray on your face (even with make-up) as well as your neck. For the maximum effect repeat the procedure every 2-3 hours throughout the day for 100% hydration and radiance! Experience the glow and let it show everywhere you go!

An innovative, convenient 6-in-1 solution in one easy bottle in the form of a mist that includes all the necessary ingredients to sustain your beauty in a single bottle: your

  • skin lotion
  • nourishing cream
  • eye cream
  • serum
  • mist
  • mask

Queen Ample - 50ml

More than ample moisturizing for facial care


"Use Queen Ample in collaboration with the Multi Essence"

Gemmove Queen Ample is an intensive moisturizing ampoule used to make your skin smooth and elastic. An ampoule is a supercharged serum with higher concentrations of active ingredients. The gel-type formulation for Gemmove Queen Ample contains a peptide complex rich in moisturizing ingredients. This is the way to add moisture that brightens your skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Here’s great news for those of you who want maximize facial care results. We suggest using the “Great Duet” which combines Gemmove Multi-Essence with Gemmove Queen Ample.

For maximum results, use both these products generously for 1 week and finish the Great Duet to notice a dramatic difference on your face. Better yet, complete 4 sets in 1 month to see true transformation for your face.

To achieve maximum results with the 1 week and 1 month regimen, repeat the following steps in the morning and in the evening after washing your face with our Gemmove Enzyme Cleaning Powder Face Wash:

Step 1: Spray Essence and work it

Step 2: Spray Essence again and work it

Step 3: Use 10 pumps of the Ample and work it until you can spray more Essence

Step 4: Spray Essence again (3rd time) and work it

Step 5: Spray Essence again (4th time) and work it
Step 6: In the morning: Use your sun cream, and BB cream to continue to proceed with make up if you need to.

Step 7: In the evening: Use the Enzyme cleaning powder to wash your face

Step 8: repeat the steps from 1 through 5, go to bed and literally get your beauty sleep.

Gemmove Multi-Essence & Ample Set

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