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Gemmove therapeutic GEMFIT WALKING BALANCE INSOLES, are made for anyone with:

  • joint and/or knee pain
  • lower back pain
  • tendonitis in their feet


  • who stumbles when walking
  • who cares about their skeletal system and correct posture
  • who chooses healthy and quality products
  • to keep their body in balance.

Our GEMFIT insole helps to naturally align your foot and maintain your body in an ideal position for improving posture. The insoles improves blood circulation through pressure points to help support balance. Our GEMFIT insoles are engineered to ease foot aches and strains, as well as pain in the legs, thighs and lower back. GEMFIT insoles can fit into any shoes, and come with adjustable sizes. Other insoles focus only on arch support of the foot, but the “GEMFIT WALKING BALANCE INSOLE” is a therapeutic insole that touches all parts of the foot, including the toes, heals and arch. They provide arch support and extra cushioning throughout your entire foot (heel to toes). Joint protections built into the insole are focused in four different areas of the foot; two areas of the arch and two areas of the heel where most of the pressure on the sole of a foot occurs. There are 16 high sensitivity cushion springs installed to protect against internal vibrations on organs, joints and muscles. The balanced design with a sloping section: a suitable slope provide safety when walking. There are 16 cushioned springs on both sides of the insole that reduces vibration and keep the joints comfortable. There are 212 holes on the soles will reduce the pressure coming from bodyweight by 2 ½ times. GEMFIT insole contains titanium powder which is 99.9% antibacterial properties, and keeps dry and comfortable by suppressing unpleasant odors.

Gemmove FIT Insole

SKU: 21554345656
Excluding Sales Tax
  • "The insoles offered great additional padding. While using them, walking feels a lot like floating. I have 2 big dogs who need lots of exercise. Taking them out for walks became so easy with my new insoles. Their padding is a bit firmer to provide needed support, so make sure that stiffness is compatible with your feet/arches. Also, make sure to loosen your shoe so there is enough room for comfort. All in all, I am a huge fan and will definitely buy another pair." ~ Ryan Tovcimak, IL

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