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Bedazzle the world with dual healing gemstones

What a way to enter a room and make heads whirl! But this is Black Jade Gemstone, known and loved around the world, offers far more than stunning beauty. Analyzed by scientists, Black Jade has been shown to have healing, energizing and protection capabilities.

$280 each

Now, double that singular distinction. Imagine gaining two times the incredible benefits. Wearing a necklace and bracelet together is a great way to keep your whole body energized throughout the day!

Black Jade is rich in major minerals. In fact, three minerals—calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium—thart account for 98% of the body's mineral content by weight. Calcium and phosphorus play basic roles in countless biochemical reactions at the cellular level

Count on these magical Black Jade benefits:

  • Each stunning, ebony-black magnetic stone emits natural energy.
  • The amount of natural violet radiation (solar messenger) 91.5% ~ 93%
  • Supports blood circulation and improves metabolism.
  • Interrupts the transmission of electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones and electrical appliances.

Gemmove Black Jade Necklace

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